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Monday, January 17, 2011

Work, Work, Work

I literally learn something new every 5 minutes. It is awesome to learn first hand and with people who are willing to teach you anything. Today I did a lot of work in the Prenatal Clinic. Mondays are designated to seeing all new patients. We get there at 7am, do a quick devotional with the staff and work of patients charts and interpreting their lab results. Then we go into the room where all the woman are waiting and do a few worship songs (which is beautiful to listen to in Visayan) Today we had 87 patients! It took us 5 hours to get through all of them. Now I am working in the Birth Room. There is one woman laboring and she is 9cm, the baby is coming! She is 17 years old and the most quite and calm labor I have ever seen.

Me giving my first SHOT. For those of you who know this about me, in high school I used to cry when I received a shot!!

Checking for fundal height and the position of the baby (of course a professional checks after me)

Interpreting lab results is one of my best skills right now

In order to give birth at Mercy you must have you a Hep. test and it must come back non reactive. We also like to monitor their WBC for UTI, and hgb to make sure they are not too low on iron.


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