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Saturday, January 8, 2011

One flight down-Two to go

Well I’m on my way! I am impressed with Korean Airlines. I wasn’t sure how to anticipate flying for 12 straight hours but I must say it has been pleasant. So far (I’ve been on the plane for 4 hours) I’ve already watched Eat Pray Love and had the “American” lunch that was served on board which was weird meat and bow tie noodles. They are also serving dinner, whenever that may be, but I think I will request the “Korean” meal that time…why not. I am currently watching Toy Story 3 and still have a whole list of movies to choose from on my personal TV in the chair in front of me. I think my next movie will be The Social Network followed by Wall Street. Who knows if I’ll understand it but I know Daniel would be impressed if I watched it. Hopefully I will be able to sleep at some point, I have some travel information to read, and a couple gossip magazines. Once I land in Korea I have 2 hours until my connecting flight to Manila.

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