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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Jackson and Night Shift

NIGHT SHIFT! We want to sleep

Baby Jackson in his warming blanket-sooooo hot

This is baby Jackson (I named him that but I'm not sure it will actually be his name) I met him when I came to night shift a couple of nights ago. He was alone under a lamp trying to warm up. His mom had been transported to the hospital after arriving to Mercy (baby already out) by ambulance. Apparently she had him in the CR (comfort room aka bathroom) at home. Jackson was here alone with no banti (helper). So we adopted him for the night and got to be babysitters. I held him in a heat blanket which is way harder than it looks considering it is 90 degrees here. We had to feed him formula because no other women were here. If a another post pardum lady was here she probably would have fed him.

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