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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

waiting, waiting, waiting

After months of planning and coordinating, all that's left to do is wait. Just one more day until I start my travels


Depart from Seattle Friday @ 1pm
Arrive in Korea on Saturday @ 6pm

Depart from Korea Saturday @ 8pm
Arrive in Manila Saturday @ 11:05pm
(at this point I do not know what time it could possibly be)

*spend the (night?) with family friends in Manila*

Departure from Manila Sunday 11:55p
Arrival in Davao Sunday 3:45pm

There is a 15 hour time difference for those of you in Seattle/West Coast
And there is a 13 hour time difference for those of you in Kentucky/East Coast

SO when I arrive in Davao it will be 12:45am to those in WA and 4:45 am to those in KY on Saturday the 8th...I think.

So there ya' go. I am a confident traveler but I'm expecting this to be very different from previous travel experiences. I am thankful to have family where I am going. My aunt and uncle (and children) have been living in this area for years now. They have been helpful in planning this trip and they already serve as a comfort for myself and my family.

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