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Monday, March 7, 2011

This is a long and random post

This sign just makes me laugh, it is culturally appropriated yet not appreciated to pee where ever you want (men).

The Chinese New Year dragon chased me down at the mall

Holla at ya' Kentucky

Ah, this is my FAVORITE family, they are so sweet! This is Queen Evolet from an earlier post. This picture is from one of their baby checks, all is healthy with their little Queen and momma. I also got to give them a wonderfully embroidered outfit that Cindy sent me! They loved it :)

This was quite the morning. Genevive, a former midwife at Mercy delivered her baby so of course all her midwife friends were there. Her husband was our driver when we went to the bukid, so I was glad I got to be there too.

One of the health teachings we do is family planning...a very important topic!
This cock roach decided to turn belly up right on Hannah's pillow,
how sweet

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