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Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's time

Tomorrow I leave...back to the states. The past 72 hours has been wonderfully busy and I am so thankful for every memory.

It started out with night shift on Friday night where a sweet 13 year old girl gave birth. The poor girl was only accompanied by her boyfriends 12 year old sister. Mere children alone doing something that is at least 10 years beyond them.

After shift I packed up and moved out the the green house (my house by Mercy) and came over to my Aunt's house. We left for the beach and had a wonderful quite beach day. We think everyone was concerned about the tsnuami watch so basically had the beach to ourselves...

The next day (Sunday) we went to church in the AM then went to an outdoor adventure place which is operated by the same people who run Mercy. We did the "repentor" zipline which was brand new and had only been open for a week which added some thrill!

This is how we flew-- SUPERMAN STYLE

Tomorrow I fly to Manila at 6 am, then to Seol Korea, then to Seattle. I arrive back in Seattle "before" I even leave the Philippines. Crazy time change. As Daniel would say " Goooo back in tiiiimee"

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  1. ggggooooooooo bbbaaaaackkk innnn ttiiiiiime, welcome back to merica.