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Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Baby Time!

So, things have been going great here lately. We celebrated Mercy's 15th birthday on February 8th with FREE BIRTHS for anyone who came in. Too bad we only had 2 woman deliver, they were still very grateful though.

The following day I worked the day shift (6am-2pm) and it was the busiest day I have seen since being here. I caught another baby at 10:59am :)We had 3 births on day shift and endorsed most of their post partum care along with 3 more labors and 2 births onto swing shift (2pm-10pm). It was so neat to get to be apart of birth, I really feel privileged to share this with these women.

Cute right?

This is Nicola, my second baby catch. The picture below is Nicola on her one day baby check

Isn't this baby just the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?

Aw, there is nothing more precious. I love that I get to hold little things like this every day, it is warmth to my soul

Today I went on outreach to Agdao with some Mercy girls and we did prenatals to women there. We were upstairs of a church and it was hot, hot, hot.

Here is Slyvette being silly on our exam bed

Beth, Ate Jhobbee, and Slyvette all talking with our little 13 year old girl

Here I am doing health teaching and explaining the signs of true and false labor. This girl was a sweet little 17 year old and she came with her other pregnant friend who was only 13... which is the youngest I have seen so far


  1. Holly, These babies are SO precious! I know that you are must get much joy from holding and caring for them!!

  2. Holly, I'm glad you're enjoying your stay in Davao... It pleases me to know that you learned so much of our dialects already. How do you like the Durian???? You have a beautiful pictures with your baby catching.... Regard to everyone for me... Take care and God bless...
    love, ate elly